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Yes, we have industrial grade!
Petrol.Net industrial grade conditioner is a subject for further discussion.
Just as preliminary information,
recommended usage ratio is:
1:1,250 (1 liter of conditioner will treat 1 ton 250 liters of fuel)
Package: 200 liters drums.
Minimal shipment: 12 drums.
USA manufactured

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From controlled tests to everyday usage consumers around the world PNCFC has irrefutable proof that our products are all we claim. Following is just a few examples of achieved results using our 100% petroleum based conditioning package.

U.S. Coast Guard: 15.69% improvement in fuel economy
San Diego University: 14.63% improvement in fuel economy
Government of Oman: 25.62% improvement in fuel economy
Labtest Hong Kong: 15.93% improvement in fuel economy

Petrol.Net Commercial Fuel Conditioner (PNCFC)


Petrol.Net Commercial Fuel Conditioner (PNCFC) is multifunctional 100% petroleum based package designed to improve the combustion efficiency in light diesel and petrol/gasoline. PNCFC reduces surface tension which results in improved fuel flow and improved fuel atomization. These changes enhance fuel combustion with lower flame temperature, lower exhaust temperature and no ash or residue. Burn duration is increased which allows greater but conversion, a cleaner more efficient burn with reduced HCl, CO and NOX emissions. A smoother and more complete combustion of fuels relieves stress on bearings and rods, reduced harmful exhaust emissions and assures greater fuel economy.

PNCFC contains these additional packages:


Designed to clean and keep clean fuel tanks, liners, injector bodies, carburetors and bulk storage tanks. During the clean up phase PNCFC will also remove carbon build up from valve seats and piston ring lands.


Corrosion and rust inhibitors which reduce the formation of sulphuric, nitric, hydrochloric and hydrobromic acids. Extends the life of existing anti rust agents and detergents/dispersants.


A bacteriostatic and emulsification action that controls the growth of bacteria (diesel bug) and allows moisture to be emulsified and carried through the combustion chamber to be burned off harmlessly. In bulk storage tanks the inter surface between the water and the fuel is removed thereby removing the environment for bacteria to grow and allows the water to be drained off.


Oxidation inhibitors which retard oxidation, improve colour stability and slows fuel ageing in storage, which prevents the formation of gum and sludge.


System that alerts fuel surface tension which allows a more complete burn resulting in lower exhaust emission and greater fuel economy.


Singapore Institute of Standards and Industrial Research

Subject: Performance test on Petrol.Net Commercial Fuel Conditioner (PNCFC) for diesel.


Carbon Monoxide lowered by 25%
Total Hydrocarbons lowered by 58%
Carbon Dioxide lowered by 17%
Air/fuel ratio lowered by 14%
Dust emission lowered by 45%
Oxides of Nitrogen lowered by 39%
Sulphur emission lowered by 75%
Sulphur Dioxides insignificant  


PNCFC contains no harmful ingredients, independent lab tests from around the world confirm it is safe to use, here is just a few:

Quote: General Motors results indicated that these are highly refined petroleum products of good quality and we cannot forsee any harmful effects from their use in EMD engines.

Quote: TUV (Technical Vehicle Information Board of Germany) the tested material does not contain any harm-doing ingredient, which would exclude the usage in any diesel or gas engine.

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