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US$1,000,000 Mechanical Fault Insurance. USA manufacturer is totally confident in the safety and effectiveness of the Power Pill.
They guarantee these products cannot cause any mechanical engine damage, and back this up with insurance of up to US$1,000,000 for any single claim where engine damage is proven to be caused by their products.

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Jar of 50 tablets treats from 25 to 50 fill-ups
Gasoline activated - dissolves completely in gasoline or diesel fuel down to -25F (-32C)
Add only what you need: one tablet treats 5-7 gallons (19-27 liters) of gas (overdose is permitted)
Safe to carry in glove compartment or console

Super concentrated fuel system tablets from U.S. manufacturer

Some of benefits you may expect.

Increases Engine Power
Improves Fuel Economy
Reduces Smoke Emissions
Allow Easier Start-up
Prevents knocking in Petrol Engines
Cleans Injectors, Carburetors & Entire Fuel System
Increases Spark plug life
Promotes More Complete Fuel Combustion,
Lubricates and Conditions Valves, Pistons & Rings
Absolutely Safe - Cannot Damage Any Type of Engine

PETROL.NET PowerPill (conditioner for gasoline, bio-diesel & diesel fuel). EPA test results.

Petrol.Net Performance Data

Proven to deliver up to:

16.9% fuel economy improvement

65% reduction of hydrocarbons

31% reduction of carbon monoxide

10% reduction of smoke

EPA Registered.
100% active ingredients certified.

Some other tests conducted.

Quote: Sam Graham the well known racer tuner carried out a dyno and emissions test for the Power Pill on a 3,000 mile Honda Fireblade with spectacular results.
Power - Increased by 5.9
Brake house power Carbon Monoxide - Reduced by 14%
Fuel Economy - Improved by 25%
Queens University of Belfast (QUB)
School of Mechanical and process Engineering

A comprehensive test was conducted over one year, from November, 1994 to October, 1995.
Average fuel savings is 13%. A further series of tests was conducted at QUB to ascertain the effectiveness or Power Pill in two stroke petrol engines.
The Power Pill caused a 7% to 8% increase in low speed torque The Power Pill has a 25% faster burn of the fuel, i.e. more power from the same size fuel charge.
"It's the first product I have come across that actually works. I have to take it seriously now."
Dr Roy Douglas

A test conducted by SAE International (The Society for Advanced Mobility, Land, Sea, Air, and Space) using data from 49,710 miles (80,000Km) indicated an immediate improvement in fuel economy upon the addition of the PowerPill.
Mileage improved by 8.4% -- from 23.1 to 25.03 - which represents a tremendous cost savings for consumers.

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