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US$1,000,000 Mechanical Fault Insurance. USA manufacturer is totally confident in the safety and effectiveness of the Petrol.Net Pill.
They guarantee these products cannot cause any mechanical engine damage, and back this up with insurance of up to US$1,000,000 for any single claim where engine damage is proven to be caused by their products.

About Petrol.net Any questions? Please contact us. If our technical data is not sufficient for you to make a decision, do not hesitate and contact us. here

Jar of 50 tablets treats from 25 to 50 fill-ups
Gasoline activated - dissolves completely in gasoline or diesel fuel down to -25F (-32C)
Add only what you need: one tablet treats 5-7 gallons (19-27 liters) of gas (overdose is permitted)
Safe to carry in glove compartment or console

USA & Europe testimonials.

Tests conducted & certified by approved EPA and California Air Resources Board test facilities

California Environmental Engineering - Santa Ana, California, USA

Tested over a 3 month period:
• Fuel Economy Improved by 16.9%
• Carbon Monoxide Decreased by 31%
• Hydrocarbons Decreased by 65%
• Smoke Reduction 10%

A certified Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board Certified Facility.

B Eberley

General Motors Corporation

"We have completed the laboratory analysis of the fuel conditioner and oil conditioner. Results indicate that these are highly refined petroleum products of good quality and we cannot foresee any harmful effects from their use in EMD engines. Customer's use of these products has no effect whatsoever on the EMD warranty".

W E Becker - General Sales Manager

London Taxi owner of Dial-a-Cab had this to say:

I was absolutely amazed at how well the Petrol.Net Pill worked. Under a new emissions law we were going to have to equip all of our Taxi's with expensive catalytic converters. After just one tank full our vehicles emissions dropped an unbelievable 80% from 5.98 to a 1.17. The amount of money we will be saving is huge. Not to mention the predicted fuel and maintenance savings.

Thank you,
Paul - Dial A Cab

A comprehensive test was conducted over one year.

Average fuel savings 13%.
A further series of tests was conducted at QUB to ascertain the effectiveness of Petrol.Net Pill in two stroke petrol engines. The Petrol.Net Pill caused a 7% to 8% increase in low speed torque. The Petrol.Net Pill has a 25% faster burn of the fuel, i.e. more power from the same size fuel charge.
"It's the finest product I have come across that actually works. I have to take it seriously now".

Dr Roy Douglas

Queens University of Belfast -
School of Mechanical and Process Engineering

TUV Rheinland - Technical Vehicle
Information Board of Germany

"The tested material does not contain any harm-doing ingredient which would exclude the usage in any diesel or gas engine".

Dr Hubert Schnurr - Environmental Protection Agency

Lab test Hong Kong - Internationally recognized member of the British Standards Institute and American Standards Institute
Comments - During testing, the test driver experienced that the vehicle engine ran more smoothly and powerfully after adding the pill.

Conclusion - Under the test environment, the result shows a saving of fuel 15.93% after adding the pill.

C M Chan - General Manager

Petrol.Net Pill My Newfound Partner and Friend

After the initial dose (first fill.up), my husband Andy and sons Benedict and Frederick were astonished by the almost instantaneous change in the idling of their vehicles. Adding to their amazement was the evident increase in the engine power of the 1000cc Suzuki Super Carry Van and Daihatsu Charade.

Beth Ruiz

Lucena City, Philippines

Road Racing Magazine - Ireland
Sam Graham, the well known race tuner, carried out a dyno and emission test for the Petrol.Net Pill on a 3000 mile Honda Fireblade, with spectacular results:

• Power Increased by 5.9 brake horsepower
• Carbon Monoxide Reduced by 14%
• Fuel Economy Improved by 25%

technical data


Australia & New Zealand testimonials.

Petrol.Net Pill Keeps Injectors Clean

Last year my friends recommended me Petrol.Net Pill as a convenient and reliable additive to fuel. I decided to use it for my 1997 diesel Landcrusier. At that time the vehicle had traveled about 180,000 km and the injectors had not been cleaned.

I purchased a packet of Petrol.Net Pill and put 3 pills in 95 liters of fuel.

I use on average 4 pills per week in about 200 litres of fuel.

At 380,000 km I had the injectors removed by my mechanic and taken to be cleaned and adjusted.

The people who did the work would not believe that the injectors had done the amount of kms without being cleaned and were not badly blocked.

Michael Bagoee

Brisbane, Australia

Diesel Van takes the Petrol.Net Pill challenge!

I started using the Petrol.Net Pill two weeks ago. After only one fill-up I noticed the diesel van was pulling much better up the hills with so much more power. We then tried it in the petrol van with much the same results. Now the extra km’s we are getting out of each van is a big boost to our business

Leon Perducio

Wellington, New Zealand

Amazing Fuel Savings

Our Ford Fairmont was only about 6 months old when we were first introduced to the Petrol.Net Pill.

We thought that being a relatively new car it wouldn't make much difference to economy.

We filled up and did a mileage test 660 km a tankful. We added the Petrol.Net Pill and over surprise and delight we reach 760 km a tankful - an extra 100 km for the cost of 1 Petrol.Net Pill. That’s 16% extra!

We look forward to years of happy motoring with no carbon build up in the engine and no garage bills. So whether your car is new or old, tremendous benefits are had by using this remarkable product.

Emma Smith

Thames, New Zealand

Trucking operator sold on the benefits of Petrol.Net Pill

We decided to trial three Mack trucks on Petrol.Net Pill over a measured period of time.

We coupled the Petrol.Net Pill trial with our policy of "drive to survive" which involved limiting the speed of the Macks to 95 kms/hr as well as a heavy emphasis on driver education.

The trials were accurately monitored so that we could be sure of the results we were getting. After the initial month we began to notice some significant improvements in the consumption of all three of the vehicles. On average to date we have been achieving an 11.2% saving on fuel per tank.

In business terms this gives us a cost advantage over competitors that enables us to maximize the potential within our industry more competitively. This product "Petrol.Net" is a fantastic example of innovation when looking for new business opportunities.

Ian Sullivan

Rockhampton, Australia

Petrol.Net Pill makes BIG savings!

The savings that I have found by using the Petrol.Net Pill in 1987 Nissan Skyline, 1993 Toyota Lexus and even 4 stroke self-propelled lawn mower Maspt Rotafola have been amazing!

I was very impressed with the Petrol.Net Pill when it was used in the mower and found that it started more easily after being idle for a long period, runs quieter and has achieved 30% savings in petrol.

Toyota Lexus which has 270,000 km’s on the clock starts easier, engine running quieter and has a fuel economy saving of 25%.

The Nissan Skyline which was used mostly for short trips has an average of 22.5% saving.

All engines now run quitter and smoother.

With rocketing prices on all types of fuel savings of that scale (20 to 30% in my case) I consider as substantial.

There for I have no doubts to encourage everybody using Petrol.Net Pill.

John Potter

Auckland, New Zealand